Weigh In

May 11, 2010

Hey friends,

I’ve been getting some awesome feedback on the first couple of posts on both this site and on facebook, and something I’ve been receiving a lot of is advice.  I’ve had several people suggest different diets and programs that worked for them.  What I’d like to do today is have you “weigh in” with your opinion of these diet programs.  I’m doing some online research, but I would love to hear your personal stories of what exactly worked for you.

Let me stress, though, that I do not want this to become a bashing session for those of you who don’t agree with certain programs or didn’t experience success on them. I want your true experience, but also be mindful of the people who may be on that specific program or have had success with it.

1. Lap Band Surgery

2. HCG diet

3. Gastric Bypass Surgery

4. Atkins Diet

5. The Master’s Cleanse

Ok, I think I’ve given a bunch of topics to talk about.  Please, let me know what worked and didn’t work for you and why.  I’m not saying I’m thinking about doing any of these, I’m just hoping to get informed to day, and hopefully some others will get informed too.

And again.. be nice! 🙂




  1. Amy,

    The weight lose program that I have used is not listed. I am attending First Place..this is a Christian based weight lose program. I have lost up to 15 pounds on the Firat Place diet. They have a website..just goggle First Place and it will tell you all about it. They will even tell you if there are meeting in your area.

    Cheri Livingston

  2. Hi Amy,
    I started blogging about my weight struggles about a month and a half ago. It’s been very humbling for me to hear back from so many who struggle. We are all so much more alike than different.
    But when it comes to what works it seems like it is different for each of us.
    Accountability will be one of your biggest friends. And having web folk “in my business” has helped me a lot.
    I have friends on HCG and that have done the Gastric Bypass and both have worked for them.
    An important thing will be to find what works for you and that you can stick with.
    I do (and love) Metabolic Research Center.
    No matter what I have done diet wise my biggest struggles have been the emotional ones that my eating was hiding.
    I’ll be keeping up with you on the journey.

    You CAN do it! 🙂

  3. I actually did Atkins a few years back, but my problem I had with it is I hit a plateau. I lost weight, but could not get past a certain point. I did pick up a book a couple of summers ago at Half Price Books (next time y’all are in Texas and you have some time – have someone take you to one of the stores. You will LOVE it). The book was entitled The Three Hour Diet by Jorge Cruise. When I first saw it I was thinking – what you diet for three hours of the day? Then I started thumbing through it. In the book he talked about the problems with some of the different diets and he specifically talked about low-carb diets. He said up to 25% of the weight lost on low-carb diets comes from your lean muscle tissue. He went into more detail and also talked about why we need carbs, proteins and fats. It’s a great book! And also you don’t diet for three hours during the day – you eat every 3 hours to keep your metabolism raised and you do eat healthy on it.

    Also here is a yummy tuna idea. I usually put mayo in with my tuna, but wanted a healthier option. One of my former students suggested vanilla yogurt to mix in with it. So I got some of the lite yogurt and mixed it in and it was yummy!

  4. Amy-

    WOW! A scary -big step! You asked for some comments and I thought that I would leave mine. I am a Christian, a mother, a wife, a PA, a friend, and probably many other things to others. Each of my roles would give you different advice 🙂 ( If that makes sense )
    First- as a Christian… our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. Meaning that we need to be representatives of Christ all the time. We are called to care for our bodies, repect them as temples for God, and desire health and strength for they are blessings from God. This also means that they can not be idols for us. Either in weight loss or weight gain. Our bodies ( or our weight ) can not control us. With that being said- there is a balance between obsession and godliness. Ultimately- Be prayerful in whatever decision you make and path you take. Ask God to guide you and be prepared for His answer!
    As a new mother- I wasn’t able to conceive at first and found that weight loss for me did help. I wanted to be able to be healthy to care for my babies ( triplets in my case ) as best I could while God allowed me to “carry” them!
    As a wife- my husband is amazing ( as it sounds like yours is ) Use your husband for support. If he loves you- his comments all come with love. Even the ones we know are true but hate to hear 😉
    As a PA ( Physician Assistant )- surgery is a great option. Although a BIG step and meant to be permanant. Weight Watchers is my FIRST choice for weight loss. It teaches you how to eat without being obsessed with food. You can eat whatever you want whenever you want. Life is to be lived and God gives us blessings ( even potatoes and birthday cake ) Diets that demand what you eat I don’t feel are biblical. WW is a good way to enjoy food again. ( ALL types of food ) I think you will find that it becomes easy to follow WW because it is how we should eat. Incorporating day to day life with smart choices and a little planning. ( Buy the books that give point values. That way you can at least get a little idea on home cooking or eating at friends by finding similar foods i.e. restaraunts ) Exercise and water are also 2 big components. Even if it just a little walk a day or stretching. God knew what he was doing when He designed our bodies!!
    Finally, as a friend- I will tell you to stick with it. Weight loss is slow- but it is not about pounds or even feeling better. It is about glorifying God in EVERYTHING we do- even weight loss. The weight loss, energy, and and happiness are all blessings from God. If we commit to HIS WORD and prayer like we commit to the rest of our lives He gives us unthinkable peace that we never could have imagined!

    I hope this is what you were looking for- not a sermon but a piece of what is on my heart!

    • This is so beautiful!! Thank you for reminding us that weight loss should not be centered around our own selfish needs, but around God. You have really encouraged me today!

  5. Amy,

    I have not done extensive research on all of these plans but looking over them I do think the Master Cleanse is the only one that really looks to whole body health. I believe it is the most healthy option – but also one of the most mentally challenging because it is work. I have wanted to do it for a few years but have never been successful – I am very weak. I do not stick well to hard stuff. That said, I think the wisest plan is always something that deals with total health. I have many friends who have done the Master Cleanse and their after results are amazing. It isn’t about weight loss but in cleaning the whole body and reintroducing good, healthy foods.

    The best way to attack the MC is to do a good 10 day water cleanse first – meaning you still eat but that you restrict your diet to more whole foods and flush heavily.

    Prior to that though, you need to discipline yourself to drink the amount of water you need to be drinking each day. That doesn’t happen overnight for those of us who are not at our ideal body weight. Our bodies need half of our weight in ounces of water each day. If you drink a sugary drink you also need to add at least that many ounces of water on top of your HWIO (half your weight in ounces). If you get a good cardio work out in, you need to add another 12-24 ounces to your HWIO for the day. It takes a body a few weeks to acclimate to getting the water it needs so this isn’t a quick process.

    If I’ve not been clear, please email me and ask for clarification.

    I’m really passionate about whole body wellness and getting a healthy body is about so much more than just losing the extra weight.

    I’m so excited to read more about your journey.


    • This is so discouraging…I can barely force myself to drink the required 8 glasses of water a day…if my calculations are correct I would have to drink 23 eight ounce glasses a day…that so does NOT work for me…I am a Concierge I have time to be running to the restroom all day. 😦

  6. I’ve never been on a diet. I have had to loose the baby weight, twice. I have had to loose the normal 5-10 pounds every once in a while. So I don’t have any advice on the diets.

    I think the main thing is not dieting, but changing your eating habits. I believe you can eat anything in moderation. I excercise and have had great trainers and their main thing is don’t go on a diet. You cannot live on a diet for ever. You cannot deny a cupcake for the rest of your life.

    There’s a lot of emotional connections with food that some people have to deal with in order to get to the root of the problem and begin to see food in a whole new light.

    Do you eat to survive?
    Do you survive to eat?

    Amy, I pray for you every morning before I get out of bed. I also pray for 2 other ladies who are on this weight loss journey. They aren’t dieting either. They are changing their look on food and their lifestyle so they can stick with it for a long time!

    How are you doing? What changes have you made thus far?

  7. Hi Amy,
    I believe that achieving and maintaining a healthy body is much more involved than any kind of diet plan or surgery can offer.
    Let me explain…people can have surgeries, but afterwards they are still the same people (they have a physical change that has occured… i.e.-stomach stapling does not allow you to eat as much as you could before, but it doesn’t necessarily take the desire away)…diets like the Atkins work in the short term, but don’t seem to be able to be maintained for a continued lifestyle and may not be good to continue for too long.
    My best advise to you (and for myself as well) is simply discipline and order. This changes the person both in and out.
    Don’t settle for snack foods and sodas and sugars…fill your belly with good things (colorful foods–get all your vitamins) and then when full, have the discipline to stop. Have the discipline to talk to yourself and maintain a control over yourself when the “fat” thoughts come and you feel like getting a snack “high” to feel better and enjoy…say, “no” and “go”…go for a walk…order your life with a plan to get exercise.
    Drink! Drink water! Drink all day long…64 oz. a day! It truly helps and is so good for your body.
    And as someone already said, pray….this should not be the last point on my list…it needs to be first because God is able to strengthen you to do what you need to do. God is a God of order, and when we ask Him to help us get our lives into order..won’t He be pleased with that prayer?
    You said you like to clean and organize and care for your hubby….I’m with you on all those things…..I love them as well. My husband calls me a “tornado” when it comes to cleaning because I touch down so fast that he can never find his stuff.
    Funnel that passion for organization into your eating life…..it’s gotta come from your heart…not just your head. I think that’s why a lot of people give up on diets…..their heads want to want it, but it’s not in their hearts as a passion. When we ask the Lord to give us good passions (like loving Christ more, loving our husbands more, helping others more..) doesn’t He always answer with a “yes”? And I believe He is also pleased with the desire and prayer to maintain your body..His temple.

    Oh ya….and always remember that all good things come from Him! Enjoy a good snack once in a while and thank Him for it and them stop there.

    Good reading:
    “Discipline: The Glad Surrender” -Elisabeth Elliot

  8. Hi Amy-
    I have never had major weight problems but I did recently make a major effort to lose 15 lbs. The two best tips I have for you are to keep food out of sight. My kitchen has never been so spotless. A glass for water was the only hint of food in the room. Also I have heard that a person should wait 20 minutes after a meal to see if they are still hungry. I learned that for me it was 45 minutes. I would remove myself from my house- go shopping, go for a walk, go to the library, anything and if after 45 minutes I was still hungry I could have a piece of fruit, a couple crackers but usually by that time was up I was no longer hungry. If you eat out ask for a box at the beginning of the meal and get at least half of what is on your plate in that box so you can’t see it. I know you can lose weight. It is important to you and remember you are an important person. God has a very important mission for you-It just might be to inspire others who struggle with their weight as you work to reach your goal. I’ll hold you in my prayers and watch your website for updates.
    A final thought from Frank Laubach-Think of being led by an unseen hand which takes yours while another hand reaches ahead and prepares the way. With such a source of comfort and power how can you fail?

  9. Amy-Weight Watchers is a fantastic start!! I have not done any of the ones you listed. My mom had gastric bypass and has great success with it! She is 5 years post-op and has had no major issues. I do have to say that if you are planning a pregnancy, the lap band may be better. I’m not saying that you can’t have a healthy pregnancy after gastric bypass, but with the lap band they can loosen it so you can get the proper nutrition easier. Sometimes it’s hard to get all of the nutrition needed with gastric bypass.

    Good luck with your weight loss!!!!

  10. Hi Amy,
    How nice to meet you today. I love your music and Deliver me has really been ministering to me this week. So much so that I posted a youtube video of it on my Facebook page. I too love to sing and worship the Lord and if I can minister to just 1 person with the gift the Lord has given me than that makes it all worth it. Sorry to get off subject I just wanted to introduce myself to you a little.

    Anyway, I’ve been a member of Weight Watchers for about 3 years and I absolutely love it. I started my weight loss journey at 196 pounds and lost 50 pounds with the Weight Watcher’s program. I would recommend it to anyone and for me Weight Watchers is what works best. May you be continually blessed by all you give to others and for your transparent heart.

    Love you in Christ,

  11. Amy,

    Hey girl! Okay here is my experience with a TON OF PROGRAMS…

    Let me start by saying that I have a HATE relationship with most fruits and ALL veggies. When I was little my mom would force feed me. Not the typical sit at the table and eat type thing but the straddle me on the floor and shove it down my throat while yelling CHEW type of feeding. I to this day CANNOT eat a veggie regardless of if I have ever had it or not because I instantly vomit. I have tried eating lettuce and had to do so over the toilet. I have never had so many things…tomatoes, squash, radish, kiwi, and the list goes on. I have had 2 strawberries my whole life and can’t even eat the jam. So my diets have mainly been a fail from the start.

    Adkins- I loved this diet because I didn’t have to eat veggies or fruit and while I was probably misinformed on how to do the diet I rather enjoyed eating cheese and bacon lol. BUT my breathe started to stink so bad I thought I was sick. I even drank mouthwash trying to tame the smell. Little did I know it was a side effect.

    Medical Weight Loss Clinic (I’m in Michigan) – This worked BUT it was so expensive and while I had the support of the people because I had to stop in and weigh in every other day I also would go straight from there to Wendy’s and eat my Plain bacon cheese burger and fries. Not good!

    LA Weight Loss – This was ok I lost I think 20 lbs on this and then they got a bunch of my mom and went bankrupt. Not happy about this still.

    Weight Watchers- I actually loved this program. I teamed it up with their online website and kept track of my food onthere. I NEVER was hungry and I felt accomplished. I seen results but I gave up.

    I got so good at throwing up my food that you couldn’t even hear me. I didn’t need a finger to assit me and I didn’t feel bad for doing so. I was the largest girl in my high school and my teachers and coaches didn’t let me forget it. I was tired of being talked down to and tired of being treated like dirt because I wasn’t the skinny pretty blonde girl. The day I graduated I cried because I weight 284lbs and my gown was big enough for the class to fit into with me.

    I went to college THANKS hugely to Todd – He wasn’t having me saying I was going to hold off and not go. He actually canceled/rescheduled a flight back to Nashville and he and momma smith drug my butt up to Tyndale and made sure I regisitered. While at college I was taking Metabolife. I lost about 50 lbs. This was when it first came out and it had stuff in it that wasn’t good for you lol. Well I went to church one day and the coach that used to publicly make fun of me actually told me I was losing weight to fast. I kinda wanted to hurt him lol. But again I fell off the wagon.

    I have done almost all the diet pills and even the RX ones from the Dr.

    I am sure there are other programs that I just can’t think of. But December of 2008 I weighed 324lbs. I could no longer get clothes at Lane Bryant if I went up one more lbs. Where do you go when you can’t get clothes from them?>

    I had my gall bladder out in 07 and the dr that did it actually specializes in gastric bypass surgery. He never once said anything to me about my weight or anything but when I emailed the office and asked questions they bent over backwards to help me. I started the program in November of 07 and week later found out I was pregnant. I delivered in July and had my surgery in December. When I went back for my one year follow up I was down from 324 to 207 (BUT) I was also 8 weeks pregnant. I went from a 32 in clothes to a L/XL and 14. I have NEVER worn clothes this size. I will say this though. I am going to have the baby here on June 25th and this is the hardest 30 lbs I have ever gained. This is the hardest pregnancy I have ever had because I can feel it. I am so grateful for the surgery but there are so things I would of done different. I will struggle with weight for the rest of my life and the fact that I am sick every day everytime I eat it makes you rethink things BUT it saved me also. I am just thankful that I can now play with my kids and don’t have to tell them to wait for daddy to come home (I have a 3 and 2 year old) (one is running around naked as I type this and the other is chasing him ahhh)… All this said. You will have to find your favorite “diet” life style change and the best one that works for you. Then just have fun with it.

    I have heard of the HCG diet and it really intrigued me. I’m kinda curious is that one that you have to give yourself shots?

    God Bless you and everyone that this blog will touch and I plan on sticking around for the journey cause even though you lose weight you still suffer with self image. I still see the size 32 girl and its hard.

    I can’t wait to get things back on track!

  12. Amy – I, too, have battled with weight issues all my life. I found a great book written by former Arkansas governor and former – and possible future -presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, entitled, “Quit
    Digging your Grave with a Knife and Fork”. It’s a great read – not a diet. It gives both pointers and encouragement to those who are serious about staying healthy by controlling bad habits. I pray you find this helpful – God bless. Keep singing.

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