I’ve Made a Decision…

May 17, 2010

Hey there readers,

I’ve made a decision; a decision that has been carefully prayed over for some time now, honestly, since long before the blog.  Not everyone is going to agree with my decision, in fact, I’ve already gotten opposition from people that I thought would be supportive. But the fact of the matter is, it’s my body and I have to do what I think is best.

I’m starting the HCG diet this week.

I have 3 wonderful friends who I know have personally done the diet and are healthy and have kept the weight off. One of those friends is going to be my coach.

What is HCG you ask?  Well…

“HCG is a natural female hormone that is produced in women during pregnancy.  It is utilized by the body to protect and nourish the fetus by delivering adequate caloric nutrition to the placenta by obtaining the mother’s stored fat reserves, thus sparing lean muscle.  HCG targets the stored nutrients and calories in fat cells by liquefying their content.  These nutrients are then released into the bloodstream, in the same way that a pregnant mother passes nutrients to her unborn baby.  As much as 2000 calories are delivered in a single day.  Fat cells are drained of their contents and shrink to a fraction of their original size.   This mechanism also may help in sagging skin.  Natural energy levels increase from nutrients supplied by the fat cells, while appetite decreases noticeably.”

How does it work?

“Over 50 years ago, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, a british physician, practicing in Rome discovered HCG could be used for the treatment of obesity in men and non-pregnant women.  He found the mechanism of HCG assists in removing stored fat while sparing lean muscle by forcing the body to rid fat through the body’s own natural elimination process.  His patients received a daily injection of the HCG in conjunction with following a very low 500 calorie diet.  During his research Dr. Simeons noticed several important factors including the lack of symptoms one would expect from a very low calorie diet.  For example, his patients had no headaches, hunger pains, weakness or irritability as long as the low calorie diet was combined with HCG.  Since then, tens of thousands of people have used a version of this HCG diet to achieve fast, safe and sustainable weight loss.

HCG alone will not cause weight loss; it is just one part of a total weight management program and if the entire program is followed properly, the chances for losing weight and keeping it off are extremely high. ” (All quotes were taken from Cyndi Benson Ministries)

If you have any questions regarding this diet, please visit my friend, Cyndi’s, website at http://www.cyndibensonministries.com

And let me add that I am NOT taking injections. I can’t even stand the thought of a needle, which honestly, is what has kept me from making this diet choice all these years. But now it’s in drop form, so no needles, yay!

As I said, I have friends who have been very successful on this diet and I trust them completely. They have been spiritual mentors to me over the years and I’m so excited to share this journey with them.

Someone I know has accused me of “abandoning” Weight Watchers, and while I understand the motive behind that comment, I don’t understand how choosing one weight loss alternative over another can be called abandoning. I’m doing what I think is best for me, and I hope that people understand that.

As I’ve said in the past, I want this blog to be an honest place of healing. So, if you have an opinion about this or any other radical weight loss diet, feel free to express it, but please remember to express it in a manner that is respectful. I don’t care if people disagree with me, I just want you to be nice 🙂

Let me add, that I’ve loved all of your comments.  Some have made me cry because I feel such a strong connection to your experiences. If there is anyone who has desired to comment, but does not want to make it public, you can email me at selah.inhisimage@gmail.com.  I would love to hear from you.

I start tomorrow, so I will post a BEFORE picture tomorrow and hopefully one each week to track the weight loss. As part of the accountability for this diet I have to log what I eat each day, how and what I feel about what I eat each day, and I have to check in with my coach every day.  This will be hard, folks.  But I’m finally ready to put in the time and effort.

Thanks for your prayers and support




  1. Hooray for you for choosing change.
    You can do it! :O)
    -In your corner,

  2. Amy,

    This is great. I’m so happy to hear you are tackling this in the way you feel is best for you and that you’re not going the surgical route. I’m excited for the possibilities for you!

    I’ll keep checking in. I really admire your courage to share openly on this journey you are starting.


  3. I am so very proud of you! I know making this decision was not easy for you and that you have put a lot of thought and research into making the choice, so I am here for you and will help in any way that I can. You know I love and adore you just the way you are, but I know you are not happy so I publicly support your choice. 🙂

    ❤ you very much!

  4. Amy,

    Thank you for your openness and honesty as you begin this journey. If I wasn’t nursing right now I would join you, so I will have to wait to try this diet. Other things just haven’t worked for me. Since my first baby was born I’ve been right around the same weight but need to lose about 50 to be healthy.

    I will be praying for you and excited to see your progress so I will know how to do this next year.

    In Christ,

  5. wow thats awesome. I have never heard that! I remember going to get my hcg tested with every pregnancy but i even took it by shot to make myself ovulate to get pregnant but I never thought it would help with weight loss…hope it goes well for you! I will check out the site!

  6. Amy, you go for it. I know you wouldn’t do anything without researching it. Nancy and I will keep you prayer.

  7. Iam so happy for you. I have a small private salon in Branson, and alot of my clients were melting away. I would ask what they were doing, and they all told me about hcg. It took me a long time before I gave in. But I could not deny the fact that all these people that I know and loved were losing the wieght and feeling great. A few of them even got off their meds. So how bad can it be? I went on the program and lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks. I felt so energetic and great. The acid reflux and other things I dealt with went away. Well, then I got pregnant so I had to stop. I will lost the other 50 lbs when I am done breasfeeding. It is the only program that ever worked for me. I have kept all but 5 lbs off. (that is from baby). If you ever need recipe ideas or anything or encouragement. Please get in touch. I also had critics, but when they saw the 30 lbs melt, they didnt have much to say…….

  8. Proud of your decision!! One quick question, though…

    If HCG is a short-term diet, what is your “exit strategy”? I mean, what do you plan to do after you’re done w/ the drops and 500 cal. diet?

  9. Hi Amy –

    I just saw your Facebook post and thought I would check out your blog. I can identify very much with what you are going through because I’m in a similar place, health-wise. I am proud of you for making such a tough decision. I can see that you researched it well and most importantly, prayed about it. I appreciate that you posted all of the information about the HCG Diet. I had actually not heard of it before.

    Thank you for being willing to share your heart and your journey on this blog. I know myself and others will greatly benefit from it. Blessings to you, Amy!

  10. Amy,

    My mom took the surgical way of losing her weight. She had tried various diets in the past but none of them ever seemed to stick for her. I’m glad to hear that you are opting not to go with a surgical option. while it is an option, it is an extreme one that can, and does come with complications. I know two other people that have taken that option plus my mom and all have had complications of some sort. My mom has to go in this week for an upper GI and a colonoscopy next week in relation to her gastric bi-pass. Lisa and I will be praying for you on this. For what it’s worth (and I’m sure you already know this) anyone who knows you, loves you for the person you are and that will never change.

    your brother in christ,


  11. Amy,

    I am so proud of you for being so real and honest and open as you travel through this journey. You are and will be a light to so many women who are facing the same bondages as you.
    It is my pleasue to get to be your coach for this journey, I am so thankful the Lord has devinely connected us.
    *now remember…daily contact!!! lol xoxoxo

  12. Amy-
    God Bless you—I heard about your weight loss from a friend and started reading your blog, I started doing some research on the HCG diet and I was wondering if you can email me what company or website you used to get your HCG from? there are several out there and I also looked on facebook but I’m not sure which to get, can you help me??? Your blog and pics have truly inspired me!
    Much love and encouragement to you. Thanks.

  13. Joan, I have been wondering the same thing. I am confused by all of the types or brands of hcg. A co-workers husband lost quite a bit of weight on this program and Amy looks amazing!!

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