Thank You

June 24, 2010

Hey there,

I’ve spent this week moving and unpacking and re-packing for Youth Camp this weekend, and I haven’t even thought about blogging.  I’ve also had a really frustrating “scale week”.  I haven’t strayed from the HCG protocol at all, but for reasons unknown I’ve gained a pound this week. I know it’s not fat, it probably just water weight from pms and stress of moving, and being in the sun… but it’s still so hard to work hard and then not feel “rewarded” when you step on the scale.

Thank God for Cyndi, my coach.  She has really encouraged me this week and helped me to get over the numbers and think about how I feel and how far I’ve already come. I’m hanging right at 30 pounds right now, which is an awesome number in any amount of months, much less, one.

I’ve lost 30 pounds in one month.  That should be enough to make me shout! So, here I go… YIPPEE!!

Okay, so on to the thank you’s.

Your comments have been so encouraging. I sit and pour over them. Some make me smile, and some make me cry.. Really, you are all so amazing. I’m so glad that we’re on this journey together.

Thank you!




  1. Amy, 30 pounds is a lot! I’m a very visual person, so I imagined six bags of sugar when I read that. WOW! Great for you! Sorry about the pound. That completely sucks no matter which way you spin it. Press on. You’ll do fine.

  2. That’s so great, congratulations! My HCG is is California so it should be here by Saturday…I’m so nervous and excited to start. Me and my hubby are doing it together. Are you doing 45 days for your round 1?


  4. Dear Amy,

    I know you’re excited. But 30 pounds in one month is way too much. Most of that is not fat loss, but muscle, bone and water.

    I did what you’re doing, years ago. By the age of 35, I had the beginnings of osteoporosis from calcium deficiency. As well as loss of healthy tooth enamel. And should you gain back any weight that was lost as muscle, it will come back as pure fat. Muscle is what burns fat. At least a bit of weight always comes back—particularly as we age. If you’ve burned off muscle, it becomes almost impossible to lose any of the regain.

    Healthy, sustainable weight loss is no more than 2.5 pounds per week. That is pure fat, not bone and muscle. I know you are in the public eye, which seems to make weight loss all the more urgent. People are extremely cruel about women’s bodies. But please, don’t wreck your health.

    A diet that causes you to lose this much in so short a time is not a healthy nutritional plan, it is absolutely the start of an eating disorder. Please, see a qualified nutritionist with a university degree before you completely wreck your health. Make sure she is educated in eating disorders. Read up on eating disorders, because you are being coached into having one. Anyone who does this to you, does not genuinely care about you. They are building their own ego and glorifying themselves at the expense of the perfect, beautiful body God gave you. It is a huge ego (and income) boost to brag you coached extreme weight loss in a celebrity.

    You need at least 1600 calories a day for proper nutrition. Anything less than that creates malnutrition, and the problems I’ve described. And no, you can’t replace whole foods with a vitamin pill.

    There’s good information if you Google ‘National Eating Disorders Awareness’ at Toronto Hospital.

    We need your beautiful voice. And you serve as an example to so many women. Please don’t perpetuate the cycle of eating disorders.


  5. Good Morning Amy!
    Wow! Congratulations on the 30 pounds…Just don’t get discouraged over the pound “gained”. God is blessing you, giving you the endurance and the will to keep at this, and You are doing great! Keep it up.


  6. aloha,
    that is sooo awesome~how are you feeling physically though. i’m looking into this method for myself and am wondering about the physical effects. can you share about that? do you have enough energy throughout the day? how do your muscles feel?

    thank you~denise

  7. Amy, I feel your pain sister! I’m doing the hCG diet as well. And you are so right… That pms will sabotage your scale! Cyndi is such a blessing! She helped me through that week of the dreaded cycle =) It’s been refreshing to read your posts. I’ve been very encouraged to “finish my course”. Keep up the awesome job!

    Remember these three things:
    1: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13)
    2: “…I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” (Psalm 139:14)
    3: “…let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith…” (Heb. 12:1,2)

  8. Amy if this is the diet you have chosen and feel God has directed you to this path then trust in him for all things come from the Father. I say YOU GO GIRL… you have to love yourself not your size so remember that and I am praying for you as you make this journey. I keep telling my daughter and daughter in law to check your blog because they are both so you in so many ways I just know your blog would give them the courage to make some life changes. Anyway know we love you and your music and I pray God keeps you with Selah as you are such a blessing and your music helped my hubby and I during his stroke recovery in the hospital and now as we are on our own journey to get him healthy again.

  9. wow! amazing! Keep goin, this is amazing!! blessings! n prayers!

  10. Oh Amy – that is fantastic!! 30 lbs GONE!! You must feel like a million bucks.

    I just have to say, your song Unredeemed brings me to tears. I am so happy to have found your blog.

    I hope you are having a beautiful day.


  11. Congratulations on your success and your new wisdom, too. Isn’t our Father precious? He gently leads us to awareness and our betterment and He does is with a gentle hand…unless we get stubborn! My girlfriend and I are coming to see you guys in Burnett, TX tonight. We have been sharing CD’s and spreading the word about your beautiful music for months. We are giddy with excitement!! Lisa and Sandee

  12. Just want to let you know we started and today my VCLD#2 I lost 3.2 lbs and hubby lost 3.6 lbs! I’m so excited. Can you email me I lost the email you sent with recipes pleeeease.

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