Can You Really Tell?

July 8, 2010

Allan & Amy -82 lbs

Can you really tell? 🙂

This picture is from March in El Salvador.

I think I’m more excited about this post than any other before.  I know it’s been 2 weeks since I posted, but I’ve really been looking forward to this one. This weekend I saw Allan Hall of Selah for the first time in 8 weeks and it was quite a reunion. Together we’ve lost 82 pounds.  He’s lost 46 and I’ve lost 36.  We kept asking each other, “Can you really tell?”

I am so incredibly proud of him and what he’s accomplished these last few months.  I thought it would be best described in his own words, so, without further a due…

I love the part where my hubby Jake says he doesn’t feel any guilt when eating 4 portions of a candy bar. I wonder what that feels like…

If you want to encourage Allan on his journey, you can follow him on twitter – @allanhallonline!




  1. Whoo-hoo!! Keep up the great work! Y’all look awesome!

  2. This is so great, you guys! I’m so proud of both of you. I really can tell, Amy, in your face. Your neck and face are significantly leaner. Alan, you just look so much thinner all over. I think in a way it is easier for a man show all over loss than for a woman because we are curvy and if we aren’t wearing tailored clothes it’s not so easy to spot a loss of inches. You both are well on your way to healthier bodies and that’s so, so great! Keep it up. 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness!! Y’all look awesome!! I was almost in tears while I was watching the video!! Keep up the great work….praying for you!!

  4. Of course we can tell! It’s amazing! I am so happy that you and Alan are working towards your goal. I realize that this makes me sound like a crazy, fanatical fan…but after listening to your music for so long, it’s like you are a friend. In my heart, I am so happy for you. You are a testimony to people you will never meet.

    I wish you all the best!
    In Christ,

  5. Awww..YES you can tell! Congratulations!

  6. Amy I am so happy for you and Allan. I am thrilled to see how supportive Todd is of you both also. He always rocked!

    I have gone from 324 lbs in December of 08 (Allan I am 5’7 so trust me I know the extra weight on the frame its horrible) down to as of today (and I just had my 3rd baby 11 days ago) 213 lbs. It feels so good and you are right derailing is a great feeling for a split second but you pay for it after that, you feel dirty on the inside and nothing feels right, you feel like you let yourself down and most importantly you have to start all over again because in your own head you failed.


  7. YES, you can tell!!!! You guys look great! I am so proud of you both. I started the HCG diet on June 21. I am down about 15 lbs so far. (I want to lose around 100) I have kind of stalled at this point for about 3 days but I know it will kick back in. I have been following your blog and it is really encouraging to me. Keep it up! I know we both can do it.

  8. Congratulations to both of you! Thanks so much for sharing your story! I’ve lost 103 pounds since Sept ’09. I still have a lot to go, but feel so much healthier and have more confidence in myself. I’m thrilled for you guys!

  9. How awesome for the both of you. I so wish my daughter would break down and read all of your post as she started out doing this diet as I mentioned but did not have a coach of any kind and just stopped after the third week and she had already lost almost 20lbs.
    Am praying for a divine intervention. She says I was going to go on that site but got busy and forgot. So pray for her please while I know you are busy and get tons of emails I am going to pray that God will use you are Allan to get in touch with her. She is in Spring Hill TN….not far from Allan I think. Her name is Shelley and she works at the Spring Hill PD.
    just some info in case you know you got a minute…keep up the good work and know we are praying for you and pulling for you both…Amy my daughter in law is starting this program as well and she said she sent you an email…she is Amy also…Blessings Blessing Blessings…keep sharing and spreading the word.

  10. I was amazed when I saw the picture of the two of you on Selah’s website. I definately could see the difference. I think it’s harder for you because it is gradual, but keep it up. Keep relying on the Lord to be your all in all. I struggle with emotional eating and I know I need to trust the Lord to provide what I think I will get from the food. He is the only one who can satisfy my desires!

    I live in Colorado and can’t wait until Selah is back in this area (or in Arizona, Nebraska, New Mexico, anywhere close) so I can come see you and give you big hugs and tell you how proud I am of you!!

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