August 18, 2010

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about pursuit and what that means.  To pursue means to follow someone or something in order to catch them.  We pursue so many things in our lives.





I’ve pursued a lot of things in my life.  In high school I auditioned for musicals – I was pursuing attention. At 19 I was engaged – love.  At 24 I moved to Nashville to pursue music – dreams.

I’ve been pursued a time or two in my life as well.  That boy I was engaged to, he pursued me; managers at Starbucks always wanted me to work for them; my now husband (Thank God!).


It’s so easy to say, “I don’t know if I’ve ever been pursued by God.” But think about what He did for us.  He hung on that cross in the single most amazing act of love towards us, if that’s not hot pursuit, I don’t know what is. I also believe that God uses our everyday situations to pursue us, sometimes we just don’t want to pay attention.

“The checking account is over drawn, call out to me.”

“You have nothing to do right now, turn off the TV and spend time with me.”

“Your friend asked you to pray for them, so shut down your iphone, and talk to me.”

“You’re hurting, I’m here for you.”

How often, though, do we actually listen in the quiet moments; to the still small voice?  He is constantly pursuing us, it’s our job to slow down, so He can catch us.

The day that Cyndi called me to help me with my diet, God was pursuing me.  I had finally said, “Okay, Lord, I trust You with my weight. I’m going to stop binging, and stop eating everything in sight, and trust that You can help me get to a place where I feel beautiful.”

He caught me.

What I didn’t know was that while I was slowing down and finally letting God deal with me, He was dealing with Cyndi.  “Call Amy, help her.” And her reply was, “No Lord, I can’t make her do this diet. I’m not going to push it on her.”  When she finally gave in to the Holy Spirit and pursued me, she found a broken girl, ready to do anything God asked of her to get to a place of good health, physically and spiritually.

Cyndi pursued me.

She sent me a facebook message and soon we were discussing my weight.  The second message she sent said this, “Well, I saw that you were on Weight Watchers and I know how bad you want this weight off. So I’m wondering if you would allow me help you. I would be your coach through the whole process.”

Cyndi caught me.

I just want to say thank you to Cyndi for being obedient to the Holy Spirit.  If she hadn’t reached out to me, I would have most likely quit Weight Watchers after a few weeks of “trying” and claimed that it just didn’t work for me.  She knew my struggle, and she chased me until she caught me.

Today I’m hanging out around 50 pounds lost. It’s been weird being on the road and then recording, I can’t weigh on my own scale, so I feel like I’m floundering. But I have Cyndi, and she encourages me and lifts me up.

I got to see her last weekend and it was so great. I got to hug her neck and thank her in person for helping me through this.  I also got to pull her on stage and make her sing an African song with Selah! She told me I was a dead woman, but I don’t believe her! When I look at Cyndi I see a woman who really, truly loves me. She loves me when I confess I ate vegetables “tempura”; she loves me when I tell her I ate a whole bag of sugar free chocolate (which I don’t recommend, by the way, unless you want to spend an hour on the toilet!). She loves me fat or thin, singer or not singer. She celebrates my successes with me and grieves my failures without judging me. She is so invested in me and who I am becoming.

I love her!

Isn’t she gorgeous!!!!

Thank you Cyndi!

amy – a girl who’s loved being pursued



  1. Thanks for the post Amy – you’re looking great, and your blog is really encouraging to me! Thanks for your ministry in music – may God bless you and keep you.

  2. Good points. Praise God for Jesus continually pursuing our lives and hearts. I praise the One who is never failing, and I seek the trust to fall upon that grace that I don’t deserve and can never repay. When I think of what Jesus did for us, I can’t express how much I want to run after that kind of grace with every inch of my body and soul.

    Which leads me to also want to make my body a better place for Him to dwell, since I do want Him in my heart.

    Bless you and your efforts as you seek to pursue the One who has never stopped and thankfully will never cease to pursue His will for our lives. So I pray that in your case and in mine, that His will be done! God bless!!

  3. Tell me the brand of hcg diet you use. My daughter needs help and I’m so worried about her. You are such an inspiration. Your music and your life is so inspiring. Thanks for all you guys do.

  4. you love marvelouzs baby! love u miss u come home soon!!

  5. Amy,

    You are so sweet to me. You are right, I do love you….even when you eat “tempura” vegetables!! lol

    Thank you for the compliments….but…you make my job VERY EASY!!!!

    You look AMAZING in our picture together…so happy..and so ready!!!

  6. Oh Amy,
    It doesn’t matter to me how you look because you are truly beautiful outside and especially inside. My husband and I were truly blessed to attend your concert last fall in Auburn NY. We have gone to many of Selah’s concerts over the years whenever we can get to one in the Northeast (just consider us 50-yr-old groupies.) Selah has done so much to encourage us through so many things and God uses you guys all the time – never doubt that. This photo of you is gorgeous – such congrats on the weight loss also – you have inspired me! We love you all – just stay focused on Him and keep singing for His glory – hope to see you soon! God Bless you all.

  7. Dear Amy—I’m from VA and I had the privilege to go to Fort Lee and hear Selah when you were here. Your music touches my heart and my soul. God has blessed you all tremendously with the wonderful gift of your voices—thank you, thank you for being obedient to Him and sharing the talents with which He has so richly blessed you with others. I have learned to use American sign language to share your music with others in our small community–I love it. It has made the songs and hymns mean even more to me.

    I will pray for you as you continue to become healthier and lose weight. I, too, am a weight watcher–it is a great program! Please know that through all of your struggles and your successes you are in the very best hands of all, God’s hands.

  8. Amy dear,
    Guess what? The HOLY SPIRIT used you today. 3:37am PST, Monday 23 2010 to NAG me with. FAST, PRAY and literally get OFF THE KITCHEN. If AMY can do it, why can’t you?
    I also have a sister-in-CHRIST who has already lost close to 100 lbs in 8 months. She signed up for a…I forgot if it is SCRIPPS or KAISER. But one of those HEALTH CARE provider weight loss program.
    I have been struggling with HIS NAGGIN on both “FASTING to start a SELF-DISCIPLINE revisiting regimen” and “OFF THE KITCHEN”. (I love to cook. Used to work in restaurants and I am missing it terribly.)
    Thanks for this POST. Keep us UPDATED of your PROGRESS including the STRUGGLE part.
    SELAH has always been my favorite. I have you guys LINKED on my WEBSITE.
    You are a BLESSING to the FAMILY of GOD.
    I am excited for the TESTIMONY you are BUILDING UP for GOD’s CHILDREN who are STRUGGLING with one of the most DIFFICULT but harmless seeming personal indulgences. The TEMPTATION of FOOD.

  9. Hi. I’m from Rochester, NY. I was listening to the song “All my praise” the other day and I said to the LORD “Put that in my LORD, deposit that praise in me” I don’t want to praise HIM only when things are good and are going my way, I want to praise HIM even when times are hard and there are those “dark disasters” I want to look beyond what I see with my natural eyes because I will see HIM and HIS purposes in my situation. I know the LORD will do this for me! I thank GOD for blessing you all with the gift of your voices and using them to glorify the LORD and ministering to HIS people. God Bless.

  10. Dear Amy – I was at the concert that you had in Maine and I just want to thank you for sharing about your diet. I contacted Cyndi and I started the diet. I am on day 25 and have lost 22lbs. Thank you for being so open.

  11. Hi Amy . . . You are such an inspiration! I talked with Cyndi this morning and am so excited to get started on my “journey”.

    I love listening to Selah . . . simply beautiful and so uplifting.

    God Bless

  12. I am so proud of you!!! From a woman who struggles with overeating, you keep going!! YOu look great! I don’t know if anyone has suggested fasting, not for weight loss, but to surrender food to the Lord and let Him fill you with His food/nurishment. It really helps my spiritual growth/emotional growth. And it really puts food in perspective. I fast from one breakfast to another breakfast (24 hours). It’s amazing how much I depend on the Lord during those times. I’m definetely out of my comfort zone. And I don’t binge when I’m done, I actually want to eat well and healthy food. Praying for you Amy!! Beth

  13. Amy, I don’t think you realize how amazing you are looking. You are truly a beautiful woman and singer.
    Continue looking up to our Lord and Savior for all strength and HE will get you to your goal.

    Love in CHRIST. JOANNE

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