Things I got from my mom, part 2

October 9, 2010

So, a few months ago I posted a blog about things I got from my mom. I mostly discussed the issue of my weight as something I inherited from her, but today I want to talk about something else.

Today is my mom’s “somethingth” birthday, and I was thinking of a way I could celebrate her, so I thought I would share her with you all.

Things I got from my mom…

  • a passion for babies.

Not only a passion for babies, but a passion for helping the less fortunate.  When I was 12 my parents sat us down and discussed the possibility of us doing foster care as a family.  She had discovered that abandoned babies just sat in the hospital with no one to love and hold them until they were put into the foster care system.  She just couldn’t handle that.  And so our family embarked on what I would call the journey of my mom’s calling; babies.  In the 18 years we did foster care we had almost 100 babies/children come through our home.  I saw my mother treat each child as though they were her own.  I learned how to care for and love a child that was virtually a stranger to us.  She mentored young parents, aided in the process of reconciliation, and when necessary, went to court to stand up for the rights of the helpless children.  I watched her spend money we didn’t really have to clothe them in the best; carters and gymboree.  She devoted her life to children who had no parents.  I’d like to think I got some of that from my mom.

  • passion for music

My mom has always been a singer.  As long as I can remember she either sang on the praise team at church, or just sat at the piano in our home singing hymns and worship music.  She used to have us stand around the piano and sing with her in 3 part harmony.  I can honestly say that I am able to do what I do in Selah so easily because at a very young age she recognized that I was more than just a kid who liked music and she fostered it in me.  She drove me to endless musical auditions, rehearsals and performances. She was and is my biggest fan.  Whatever self esteem issues I had connected to my weight, it was the opposite with my music. I never felt “not good enough” for an audition or a role.  She always told me I could do it, and that I was the best.  (I know I wasn’t the best, but she’s a mom, they always think their kid’s the best).  In fact, she used to carry the tape recorder with her to family events and then have me perform for the family.  As I got older it got to be kind of embarrassing, but to be honest, I would rather have had those embarrassing moments, then to have sat around wondering if she cared or not.  I remember once at a wedding, she wanted me to sing, “You Made Me Love You” and I didn’t want to, so she bribed me.  I got a barbie hot tub that week and all I had to do was what I did naturally…it was a good racket!  Music is a shared passion of ours. To this day, I can’t wait to play her the newest, never before heard Selah recordings, just to see the look on her face, or the tears.  It’s kind of a thing I look forward to; if she cries, then I know the song is good!

She always made me feel like the most talented person in the room.  She always makes me feel like the funniest person in the room. Seriously, I can say anything and she just cracks up. She always made me feel like I was a success, even before Selah.  When I wanted to leave Nashville and move home she told me that I was already a success in her eyes for just having the courage to pursue my dreams.

My mom and I have our differences, but I love her and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be who I am today without her.

Thanks mom, for pouring yourself into your children and into children who had no parents.  I wish you could see the difference you’ve made in this world and in the Kingdom.  I know you’ve said sometimes that you feel like you haven’t made the difference you thought you would in this life.  But I want you to look through the photo albums of our lives; Sven, Paul, Wendy (wah-wee), Nathaniel, Frankie, Michael, Javi, and so many more.  Look back at the smiles, the happy faces, the vacations, the baby dedications, the birthday parties. You gave them something no one else would have; a great foundation. And even if it was only for a few weeks or a few months, you gave them everything because you gave them love.

Happy Birthday, mom. I love you.


Here is your legacy…















  1. beautiful!

  2. I always know I’ve “done good” when I give my mom a gift if she cries 🙂 If the rest of the tracks are as good as the one you shared in McComb, MS, I figure your mom will cry, get glory bumps & smile real big!

  3. What a precious tribute to your mom!!! What a blessing it is to often be so different and have our “differences” and yet be able to truly have hearts of gratefullness for so many more things the differences….If you and your mom have not already heard the song “Faces” by Greater Vision you must listen to it…everytime my dad and I listen to this song we cry at the thought of one day turning around in heaven and seeing all the lives that were touched by our obedience to the Father…It will be worth it all when we see Christ!
    Bless you on your journey!

  4. Hi there 🙂 This is so precious 🙂 I’ve loved reading your blog and this post is so special 🙂 Mom’s are amazing 🙂 Thank you for being so transparent! I just love reading! 🙂


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