Being human

November 10, 2010

Well, it’s been a full month since I posted, I’m sorry.  We’ve been on the road and super busy and to be honest, I’m so tired, I can’t bring myself to write anything.

I’ve struggled so much with the diet these last few weeks.  It’s not emotional eating, or binging, or anything really horrible,I’m just lazy and tired.  I’m so tired.  I have one more show this weekend and then I’m off for 3 weeks and I’m so excited to get to be in my own bed every night, to wake up next to my cute hubby, to cook my own meals!  Eating out will kill this diet!!!

If I shared with you some of the stuff I ate this last month, you would cringe.  I ate it simply because it was there, and I didn’t feel like going out of my way to try to find better foods for myself.  And it’s showed on the scale! I am still holding at 65 pounds lost, which by itself is a tremendous achievement; however, I know where I should be by now, and I’ve seen the scale move up and down so much over the last few weeks that I’m  feeling frustrated.

I’m also kind of frustrated because I’ve been on the diet now for almost 6 months and I should have been at my goal weight by now. But the travel keeps setting my back.

So as I’ve been praying about it and trying to get my focus back, I realized, that most people on this diet aren’t on several airplanes every week, they’re not sleeping in hotels and only getting 4-5 hours sleep some nights, and running around airports trying to find HCG-friendly foods.  So I’m giving myself a break to be human.


Being human feels good.  Hehe

Now, back to business! I’m home until the second weekend of December, then I’m on airplanes again, so I need to set a short term goal for the next 3 weeks, then re-assess where I am before I leave.  I’m hoping that my Dec 1 scale day will put me at least at 75 pounds.

Before I’m finished, I wanted to share a tip I discovered on how not to late night snack:

I love nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips.  LOVE THEM! Jake likes to keep some around for dipping into peanut butter.  I know… heaven.  Anyways, I’ve taken to sneaking a few now and then, it’s a bad habit, I know. And the other night I was on the couch watching tv, and remembered they were in the cabinet.  I wanted them so bad, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to each just a couple. Finally, after like 30 minutes of craving them, I went and did something drastic; I put my night/bite guard in so I couldn’t possibly be able to chew anything.  And it worked!   I know that sounds silly but, from now on, my late night tv watching is accompanied by my bite guard. It’s my tooth protector, but in this case, it’s my snack protector!




  1. LOL!!! Hearing this story again is just as funny as the first time…..but….such a great message you’ve shared with others. YES, you are human, and you are doing an AMAZING job with your yourself given the uncontrollable circumstances you are faced with while on the road.

    There are many, many, many of us who don’t face the daily circumstances that you do and HAVE NOT lost 65 lbs in 6 months!!!

    The one thing YOU ARE is human, and the one thing YOU ARE”NOT” is a quitter…..Congratulations on fighting and pursuing ‘HIS’ race for YOU!!!

    Love you girl!! xoxoxo

  2. You go, girl. I am so proud of you! You are human! I am so glad you have found Jake and are happy. I can not wait to see you guys in Baton Rouge in February. 65 lbs. is awesome in 6 months!

  3. Congratulations on 65 pounds gone! And thank you for being so honest in sharing your journey and your struggles. I am at 64 pounds gone now and am in the maintenance phase right now. I’ll start my third round of HcG on New Year’s Day and my goal is to hit the 100 pound mark (and my final goal) by my birthday. Keep up the great work!!

  4. Too funny about the Nestle’s Semi-sweets! I just finished off a bag myself…. (in my frig for about 6 months and I was whittling it down little by little.

    Great concert in Tucson last month. What a blessing Selah was! Lifted my spirits alot!

  5. Congratulations on the 65 pounds lost! I completely understand your frustration…I have been traveling alot the past six weeks and agree – it is NOT easy to find hCG friendly foods in airports, hotels and restaurants! My weight has bounced over the past few weeks and I feel your frustration! We both need to keep in mind that we are ligher than we were when we started our travels AND not heavier!!! I typically GAIN weight when on the road and the fact that I am still losing – although slowly – is a plus! As of today I am down 39 pounds (day 74). Take care and enjoy your time home!

  6. I struggled with dessets – maybe b/c my Mom always catered to my Dad’s “sweet tooth” with homemade goodies (cinnamon buns, pies, buttertarts, cookies, puddings, date squares). Then in 2005 I was introduced to a book called “God’s Way to Ultimate Health”. It was my introduction to the Hallelujah Diet & Lifestyle – really it has to be a lifestyle, and this book told about all the harmful effects of the 5 white foods on the body. I was so convinced that this was they way to live that I went cold turkey and gave up meat, chget a coeese, dairy,eggs, processed, packaged, and canned foods, white flour, shite sugar, salt. Please get a copy of this book and read all the harmful effects of the foods we grew up believing they were “good for us”, but are the worst things for our bodies, God’s temples. I have had some struggles, but still believe that this lifestyle is the best – it has it’s foundation in the Bible and I believe this is His plan for healthy living. Give it 30 days and let me know how you’re doing. I know it’s drastic and radical – just like Jesus, but I feel great! It all depends on how much you want to be healthy, like anything else, if you want it bad enough, you will usually do whatever you can to achieve it. And b/c God is the author of this diet from Genesis, we can trust Him that this is best. Keep me updated and read, read, read! Also order a copy of Rev. George Malkmus’ video, if you like what you read. George has an awesome testimony to his founding the Hallelujah Diet & Liefstyle.

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