I love Jake Perry

November 19, 2010

This was supposed to post on Monday, but I’ve been so sick this week, I didn’t have a chance to put it up. Better late than never…

Seven years ago, in a state far far away…

Episode 1

The first Seven

It all started on Memorial Day weekend, at a picnic, when Pastor Jill Chambers said, “Amy, have you met Jacob?” She had no way of knowing what would happen next.  We chatted for a very long time, and he thought, “That girl is great; too bad she doesn’t like cats.” And I thought, “That guy’s nice, he’s kinda nerdy.”

One month later we began hanging out, seeing movies, going to the bookstore… falling in love…

The day I knew I would marry Jake was the day I was sitting at the piano playing (quite horribly) a song I had written, and when I looked over at him he had tears in his eyes.  He said, “I know that I know that I’m supposed to marry you and take care of you the rest of your life. And go wherever God has called you to.”


So a couple weeks later, I looked at my calendar and seeing that I had a four day weekend coming up, I phoned my love, Jake, and said the words he’d always been longing to hear, “Wanna get married in two weeks?”

Two weeks later we stood at the altar in my home church, Full Gospel Fellowship, where I now attend, and said our vows.  I walked down the aisle to the love duet from Moulin Rouge and my best friend, Jackie, sang I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman.  Funny enough, it’s the one song I told her I didn’t want at my wedding.  It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s a great song.  It’s just a great song that‘s been sung at a million weddings and I wanted to be different.  But on two weeks’ notice, that’s the only song she could find, and it was beautiful.

I can’t believe it’s been seven years.  Where’s my baby?  We said we’d wait five years to start our family, and by my calculations, we’re two years late!!  Hehe.

Jake is the smartest, funniest guy I know.  He’s a huge nerd, and I love it!  He can fix any computer; he can disassemble things and put them back together, correctly!  He makes me laugh when I want to be mad at him, which just makes me madder, but he’s so darn cute I can’t stay mad.  He’s so loving, and such a great youth pastor.  He really is the love of my life, and I couldn’t be happier to be his bride.

Thanks for seven amazing years, my love.




  1. So sweet!
    You guys are such an amazing couple.

    We love you guys!!!!

  2. I’m melting! Such a sweet and awesome story, it just made me smile! Happy anniversary, you guys!

  3. great one

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  5. Congratulations! And May God bless you with peace and more love!

    In fact I’m a huge Selah fan, I’ve all the Selah CDs in my collection. Have you any plan for a new CD? I’d love to have. I’m leaving this comment also because I’m wondering which hymns you’ll include in your new album, have you ever thought of “This Is My Father’s World”? It’s a beautiful and powerful one, I’d love to hear you guys sing it.

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