Goal Interrupted

December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving was rough on me, or rather rough on the diet.  It was a great day, and I had a lot of fun, I also had a lot of food.  Let me rephrase that, for someone who has only had a few ounces of food per meal, I had a lot of food.  It was all about the corn casserole.  Oh my, it was so good.  I didn’t eat to fullness, and I didn’t eat very much of the “bad stuff” but still I gained 3 pounds that day. How did that happen?

Anyways, from Thursday to Sunday was a series of family gatherings and baby showers, and I was just lazy.  I decided it was easier to just snack on whatever they had instead of prepare my food and use some will power.


They say, “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” But I say that what  idle hands are a result of  laziness.  The devil didn’t make me eat a cupcake on Sunday, I chose to and now the scale is reflecting that, and all the other food I ate last week.  Lazy.

I’ve enjoyed my time at home these last couple of weeks, but I have derailed from the diet.  And you know what’s interesting, I had no intention of cheating so much.  I intended to eat only turkey and salad on Thanksgiving, and I intended to eat no left overs on Friday.  But once I got there it all looked so inviting and I thought to myself, “A little splurge won’t hurt; I’ll be strict tomorrow.”  But then tomorrow came and I did the same thing, and kept doing it for 2 more days.

I once heard a radio interview with the lead singer of Sanctus Real, (I think that was the group) and he was talking about his marriage and he said something really profound.  He was talking about the type of husband and father he always wanted to be but hadn’t become and he said that he had learned that good intentions are nothing without discipline.


The definitions of lazy and discipline are literally opposite.  I need to get some discipline back in my life. The first 6 weeks of the diet I lost 35 pounds, I didn’t cheat once, not even one little tiny chocolate chip.  I wasn’t going to let one bite of food interrupt my path to my goal.  Isn’t it funny how in the last 3 months that’s all I’ve done?  A little bite here, a splurge meal there… and my goal has been seriously interrupted.

Don’t get me wrong, 70 pounds is amazing, and I’m not feeling bad about myself in any way. But I have been able to recognize this week that somewhere along this journey I’ve lost my discipline and the only way to reach my goal is to get it back.  I wanted to be done with the diet by January 1st, but I think I’ve set myself back another month.

Goal Interrupted.

I named this post that because I need to remind myself that I have a goal, and I’m not normally the kind of person who lets goals slip by unfinished.  I have 30 more pounds to get there and being disciplined is the only way that’s going to happen.

I was also thinking on a spiritual level, how many goals have I let be interrupted by laziness?  How many times have I said, “I’m going to _____ more this week.”  Fill in the blank with whatever you like; read my Bible, spend more time praying; spend time in worship; be nicer to people.  What is my goal spiritually and what is interrupting it; tv, facebook, blogging, hanging out with friends, sleeping in?

So I’m focusing on removing the roadblocks that have interrupted my goals, both spiritual and diet.  How about you?  Just think, if we start today in refocusing our discipline, by the time New Year’s comes, we won’t need any resolutions!

By the way, the handsome, wonderful, amazing Mr. Perry started the Grace and Strength diet over the weekend and is down 10 pounds the first 4 days. Way to go baby!!




  1. I know what is stopping me: I am currently unemployed (been out of work since May 1st of this year). Otherwise if I could financially do it, I would totally go on the Grace and Strength Diet! I have been though tweaking the things I eat – whole wheat spaghetti, whole wheat bread, whole wheat tortillas, and chicken, turkey and fish for my proteins. And I am working on getting the exercise added back in. I bought a Health Rider off of Cragislist for $35 and have actually worked out on it. I also did my first 5K and I want to start doing those (and I went on a 3.36 mile walk on Monday). But I still would love to do the Grace and Strength Diet.

  2. Amy,

    You inspired me when you first started talking about dieting this way, and in July, I started on the Ideal Protein Diet. Since then (20 weeks), I lost 67 pounds, and have also hit rough (read: lazy, undisciplined!) patches the last few weeks, too!

    Love following your journey, and of course am Selah’s biggest fan. 🙂 I’m sure many are!

    Thanks for your transparency… back on track! (Until Christmas, anyway!)

  3. I too amm on the Grace and Strength Diet and hit 50 lbs this past week. I too have had a time when I WANTED a bit of what I consider “naughty” food ~~~ foods that are not approved ~~~ and have delayed myself, however I am making much better choices and do not indulge like I used to..

    God Bless

  4. Amy,

    I really need to go back to the archives to catch up on what has been happening since I saw Selah at St Matthew’s church last spring. It looks like a lot has been happening in your life. You have made great strides in your weight loss journey. I say don’t beat yourself up for setbacks. You can always get back on the horse and keep plodding forward.

    I, too, am exploring healthy options for weight loss (a great amount of loss). I admire what you have done and am proud of you for your accomplishments. Keep up the good work and yes, it is work. This I know.

    God bless you. I look forward to seeing the “new” you at your next concert near me.

    Sheri (Grandma to Westyn and Austyn who sang with you at St. Matthew’s)

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