Chicken Tenders

January 12, 2011

Oh my gosh! I made the most delicious chicken tenders last night! For myself I just sprinkled boneless skinless chicken with garlic powder and Mrs. Dash no salt spicy seasonings, and then baked them. They were so good! For Jake, I had to do the gluten free thing, which is a whole different blog post… gluten allergies suck! Anyways, I used gluten free Bisquick and made the recipe on the box. Jake loved them and so did my sister.

I’m only down .6 today, but that’s no surprise, I was down so much yesterday. Only 6 more pounds ’til I break the barrier!!



One comment

  1. Amy, you inspired me to check out Grace & Strength and I am now on the maintenance phase. I find it much harder because I’ve got too many options open to me! Christmas was hard for me too with all the treats around. Two words for you…Lindor Truffles. Need I say more? I kept the damage to a minimum but I felt so weak and like, why is my will power so hard to come by! I applaud you for posting your daily weight and for being accountable because it is hard! I haven’t been at my current weight in 2 1/2 years and prior to that it was about 8 years. Keep going girl, you can do it. I saw your 50 lbs lost pics and you look beautiful, I can’t wait to see you at your goal! Don’t listen to the lies (this is as much for me as it is for you) and know that you have lots of support!

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