Goose Egg

January 13, 2011

Don’t you hate it when you think you’ve done everything right and you come up with a big ol’ goose egg?? I was 0 today. I guess it’s good I wasn’t up, but I thought I should have been down.

My only thought is, that we had to eat out yesterday, so I got a taco salad, consisting of lettuce, pico and chicken. The chicken was super yummy, so I figured it had some seasoning in it, but not enough to make it a 0 today.

I’m also going to say it’s a good thing I committed to blog my weight today, because I was really tempted to get an enchilada.. I love enchiladas.. mmm.

Today’s little icon stays the same.. and that’s okay. Hopefully tomorrows will be nicer to look at.




  1. You sooooo crack me up!!! Thank you for being YOU!!!

  2. I’m right there w/you…no change this morning either, but I’m pretty sure once I get all the salt out of my system from last night’s chicken I’ll see the scale go down (and be able to take off my wedding ring without having it cut from my swollen sausage finger!). My victory for the day was refusing to eat a donut that was sitting in front of me for like 3 hours yesterday, so it’s all good!

  3. Hoping you post today……………

  4. Amy. You have been such an inspiration in my life with your beautiful voice with the group Selah. I wan’t you to know that Selah is my favorite group and out of them, you are my favorite singier. I heard your testimony on youtube and wan’t you to know how much of a trooper you are. The last time I saw your blog you just found out you were expecting. It’s been that long. I just saw the picture of the baby and he’s gorgeous. Wow.

    Your music has been such a blessing and it has also helped me through my own trials in life. I am a believer in Jesus as well. I just wonna say, keep up the good work. You are very good with what you do in the singing.

    God Bless

    Your welcome to check out my blog as well if you want.

  5. http://www.theheartofgodschild.wordpress.com

    This is if you would like.
    God Bless

    Keep fighting the good fight of faith.

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