Slowly I go…

January 15, 2011

This morning I was only down .2, that’s so little. But I had a weird night last night. Jake had to go to work in San Jose, for “just a minute” to plug something in, so I went with him and we ended up being there until almost 9pm. I had to go find a grocery store to find something to eat. We ate a rotisserie chicken, I’m sure it was loaded with salt, but there were very few options…

But on a good note, I totally am in a 16 now, and yesterday I even managed to squeeze myself into a very loose pair of 14’s!!! Yay, me!

And this morning I found these hanging in my closet. I thought I had gotten rid of everything big, but somehow I missed these. They are a 22W….



  1. Sweet!!!! I love the photo, and I’m so excited about your progress, God is good! Keep up the great work for Him!

    I too have finally past 75lbs. I’m at 76 right now, and aiming for another 50-74lbs. I’m more than halfway!

  2. Amy, You are such a inspiration! Keep going! I’m praying for your continued success! Thank you too for your beautiful music!

  3. so glad you posted , Amy. I have been thinking about you all day… Hope you hit your goal soon! Ill be patiently waiting to see the posts that get you there…..

  4. You look amazing! Keep up the fabulous work!!

  5. You go girl! How amazing is that?

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