The right direction

January 16, 2011

Well at least I’m going the right direction; down and not up. After a couple days of stall, I would have liked a little more than a pound, but I’ll take it!

Today my youth group, Momentum, cleaned our church as part of our M.O. program. Basically, everyone has an M.O. (modus operandi) and leaves behind evidence that they were there. Our M.O. is Mission Others. We want the evidence we leave behind to be that we gave to others with no thought to ourselves. So today, we cleaned our church as a way to bless those who do it every week. It was kinda hard. I love to clean, but getting teenagers to clean, and clean well… that was a challenge. I’m so proud of them, though. They did great.

Then they came back to my house and ate pizza. I wanted it so badly. But I resisted. And now I’m going to eat some lettuce.




  1. Great job, Amy!!! You’re doing great, you’re closer and closer to 199 — it’s going to sneak up on you 😀

    I had a victory today, I fit into a smaller size pair of jeans, but the victory was threefold — it’s the smallest jeans I’ve had since I got married, it’s the first time I looked in the mirror and realized that not only were they comfy, but they look nice on… and last but not least, I looked in the mirror, and smiled 🙂

    Small steps! 76 down, and many more victories to go!

  2. What an excellent way to get the teens involved!!! Thanks for sharing that!
    Just saw the photo in the post after this one…. Way to go! what an encouragement you are! Just stumbled across your blog from twitter… so glad I did.

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