3 bites!

January 18, 2011

I’m going the wrong direction!! This sucks. Yesterday morning I made a breakfast casserole with eggs and sausage. I had 3 bites.. 3 bites, seriously, and then I wasn’t hungry for lunch, so I ate an apple and then had a protocol dinner. 3 bites made me gain? I’m so frustrated.

I know that in real life, 3 bites of something doesn’t make you gain weight, but on this diet, because of the drops you have to be so strict, and I wasn’t. But seriously, 3 bites??

Ok. My rant is over.

If I’m strict, I’ll hit 199 this week. So I guess no more bites of anything outside the protocol. Jake told me today that if there’s something I’m tempted to eat or even taste, just let him know and he’ll eat it for me and tell me how it was. Brat. He did the protocol for 2 weeks, lost a chunk of weight and has maintained since, even through the holidays.

He has said, though, that he’ll do the last 20 pounds on the protocol with me so we can both reach our goal before our cruise in February, so we’ll see. He didn’t realize that I was so close to 80, so when I hit it yesterday and told him it was time, he was a little grumpy about it. He he. Then this morning when I had gained, he told me it was my body’s way of saying he wasn’t ready to start yet. Brat.

Since he only needs to do 2 more weeks of the protocol, I told him he has a little more time. I’m not pressuring him, though. So we’ll see…




  1. No worries, you’ll be down again soon! Weight Watchers instructor always told us to make sure we at all of what we were supposed to otherwise we go into starvation mode and our bodies keep everything. Sounds like you maybe didn’t eat enough yesterday, so it kept those 3 bites?! You’ll do it! I know you will!

  2. Amy, lmbo!!! you crack me up girl!! Well, so does Jake!!
    I KNOW you will hit your 199 this week….I have a plan, want to hear it?

  3. This has been my biggest struggle on the diet…I think it’s a pretty powerful metaphor for how I try to “cheat” in life. I’m trying to remind myself that God wants my best, and to stop looking for loopholes and ways around things. I’m trying to commit each morning to 24hours of “cheat free” diet protocol. I’d like to commit 30 days, but right now all I can handle is 24 hours at a time. 199.8#’s and 59.8#’s to go!

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