January 18, 2011

I hit 80 pounds today! 80.4 to be exact! Yay! I kind of missed lunch today, not sure how that happened, so I hope that doesn’t screw up the scale. I also spent 2 &1/2 hours at the allergist today; not fun. Jake found out he’s not really allergic to anything, which is good, but he’s still having allergy symptoms to wheat and flour, so the only course of action is to slowly integrate wheat products back into his system to raise his resistance. For me, the same; except I had a mild reaction to the wheat scratch test, but the doctor said the same for me. Once I’m done with the diet I’ll have to start eating some wheat products to raise my resistance to it.

Anyways, it was a very informative appointment and nice to hear I’ll get to eat real bread again someday!!




  1. Absolutely 100% fantastic!!!!!
    It takes alot of determination and courage to achieve what you are doing. May Jesus continue to bless you on this journey.

  2. Quick question…..
    Have you ever tried hypnotherapy for weight loss? I am considering it, and I thought I would ask if you had and what your thoughts were on this.

    • Hey there, no I have never tried hypno-anything. I’m not a fan of letting someone else have control over me, so I probably never would try it.

      90% of my food battle is in my mind. So for me, giving that control over to the Lord was paramount to me being able to actually lose weight. I thought about food all the time, I obsessed over it, I dwelled upon it. Seriously, I probably spent most of my thought life on what I had eaten or was about to eat. The only way to succeed, for me, was to give control of my thought life over to God.

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