January 19, 2011

I had a protocol perfect day yesterday, and was very excited when I stepped on the scale this morning, only to find it didn’t move. I’m 0 today. Needless to say, I was upset. When I cheat, and the scale doesn’t move, I have no one to blame but myself, but when I work hard and it still doesn’t move, it makes me want to scream! Cyndi told me to drink more water… I had 6 liters yesterday, on accident. I usually get a 1 liter bottle and fill it up 4 times, but yesterday my bottle was 1.5 so I ended up drinking a ton.

Oh well… tomorrow’s another day.



  1. Amen…same boat,and I’m drinking water today like a drowing sailor. 199.8#’s

  2. Must be that kind of week all around… I’m up 2, and I’m not sure why. Going to keep working hard!

    You’re still doing great, Amy, keep it up!

  3. Amy,
    I was at the library and I came across your guys CD the one with Aubrey’s song in it. I tell you God had truly bless you with a wonderful, beautiful voice. I so enjoy listening to your CD’s! Keep up the good work and God bless! Ulu

  4. is it healthy Amy to drink 6 litres of water? dont your salts get watered down? I d love to see this diet..havent heard of it here in England

    • I’m not sure 6 liters is healthy. I think at most I hit 5, but that was when I was bigger. I’ve always read you should drink 1 ounce for every pound you weigh. I started at 282 pounds, so I needed to be drinking 141 ounces which is like 5 liters. I think the Grace & Strength diet recommends 3 Liters. I have a friend who, not on the same diet plan, was drinking too much water and it washed away good bacteria and she got a bladder infection, so too much can be bad. I would ask your doctor about how much is right for you. If you want to check out the diet more, you can go to http://www.cyndibensonministries.com.


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