Amazing Day

January 24, 2011

I love my job! I love all my jobs! Selah is my chazown, my purpose, my calling. But when I’m not with Selah I still work a part-time job, which I love. I adore my boss and friend Kimmy, and it helps that she’s a big Selah fan! Recently, I’ve embarked on another “job” of sorts, I’ve been doing some ministering as Amy Perry. Last year I received a request from the Rural Christian Women’s Conference to lead a couple of worship sets and do a mini concert. I’d never done that before. I’ve done some things with Focus on the Family, but that was only 2 songs and sharing for 7 minutes about what it was like growing up with foster siblings. But this… this is all me, all day, without my boys.. but they said to take it, so I did. And I’m so glad!

First, let me just say that the ladies in charge really know what they’r doing. Kathy, Sheila, Mary, you were all amazing. There were 1000 women there, out in Wautoma (Where??) Wisconsin. Twenty years ago, they saw a need for conferences for women in their rural area, and started their first conference with 75 ladies. Now they’ve grown to where they have to turn people away. They are truly amazing. They were so supportive of my diet, and had my meals prepared perfectly for me so I wouldn’t be cheating.

Second, I got to know a very amazing woman a little better. A couple of years ago, Selah performed at a women’s conference and had the privilege of meeting Gracia Burnham. I had never heard of her before. I must have been living in a hole 10 years ago, because her story was all over the news for many months. Gracia and her husband Martin were missionaries in the Philippines and were kidnapped from a hotel and held for ransom in a most horrible way, in the jungle, for over a year. She gave me her book that weekend, and I came home and put it on the shelf, saying to myself, “I’ve really got to read that book.”

Then this weekend got booked, and I saw that she was going to be the speaker!! So I kept telling myself, “I’ve got to read that book!” Fast forward a few months, and now it was time for me to be heading out to the conference, so I grabbed her book off the shelf and dug in. Oh, what I had been missing out on all those times I procrastinated in reading it. The story is riveting. Your heart breaks with her as she realizes she may never see her children again. You weep with her as her husband, Martin, in the most troubling of times, quotes scripture, or prays with true hope and belief that God will see them through. This book wrecked me. Then, I got to hear her, in person, sharing what God did in her heart in the jungle; how He used that jungle to transform her and Martin into who He really wanted them to be; how after Martin was gunned down during the rescue attempt and she was left a widow, and yet she doesn’t blame the rescuers; how some of her captors, now in prison, have written her letters, and she’s written them back; how she learned to love her enemies, and forgive them.

She is truly amazing and despite the horrible thing she went through, God has done some amazing things with her. I was truly blessed this weekend to be able to be in her company, and share a stage with this precious woman of God. Thank you, Gracia Burnham, for being so honest and transparent. God is using you.

Everyone needs to go out and buy this book! I can tell you, after reading how Gracia and Martin had no food for 10 days, and slept on the ground using rocks for pillows, I’m a little more inclined to appreciate a lumpy hotel bed and 500 calories a day. Go buy this book! It will rock your world, and challenge you to appreciate what God has already given you.

In the Presence of My EnemiesIn the Presence of My Enemies


btw.. I won’t have an accurate weight until Tuesday, so for now, ???


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  1. I read Gracia’s book and sobbed all the way through the last part of it. It was an amazing book. One of my favorite parts was; the American soldiers, lining the hallway, saluted her as she was wheeled into the hospital.

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