So close

January 25, 2011

Soooo close!! So tomorrow will be the big day; the day I finally reach the one hundreds!! When I weighed yesterday I was down .6 from my whole weekend. I’m not usually down after a weekend of travel. Normally, I go out of town and about half way through the first day I tell myself that I need more food because I’m exhausted from traveling and I begin the little cheats. You know, some peanuts on the plane here, a smoothie at the airport, there… Then after the show there’s usually a meat and cheese tray, which, to be perfectly hones, is like my most favorite snack and I very seldom refuse. So, I end up coming home having gained a little, and spend the next 4 days trying to get it off.

This weekend was great! The promoters had my food for me, and were so sweet about helping me stick to the protocol. I did accidentally forget to ask for no salt at one of the restaurants, and figured it wasn’t a big deal. And I came home less than I went. That is a small victory! Then today, I was down 1.4!! Woot! I’m sure some of that was carried over from yesterday, because flying always makes me retain water. But I am so close now!

I can’t wait to post my weight tomorrow.




  1. I am soooooo excited for you! You have worked sooo hard for this! Congratualations! I am so happy you have found so much support to help you to continue to succeed in this area of your life! Praying for ya!

  2. very excited for you!

  3. You can do it. I’ve lost 35 pounds since the end of October 2010 by just cutting carbs, watching calorie intake and exercise. God bless.

  4. You ROCK Amy! Keep up the good work.

    ❤ Traci Ordinary Inspirations

  5. I am pulling for you! You are keeping me motivated!

  6. I’m so excited for tomorrow morning….it will be the BEST text EVER!!!!xoxoxo

  7. Amy, your journey has been such an inspiration to me! I am so excited for what you have accomplished. You are helping to keep me motivated too! Keep it up, girl!

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