The Bus

March 16, 2011

Last weekend began the Compassion International tour that Selah is a part of, along with Aaron Shust and Shaun Groves. Before I got to rehearsal on Thursday afternoon, I had never met either one of them. One never knows what to expect when getting on a bus full of boys. That’s right, I’m the only girl. The boys from Selah, Aaron and his band, Shaun, and every single crew member are all boys and I gotta be honest with you, I don’t hate it. I’ve always gotten along better with boys than girls. I’m not sure why. The one major problem with being on a bus full of boys:

They eat.

And eat.

And EAT.

I was totally unprepared; like a poor wimp going into battle without a piece of armor. I don’t know what I was thinking. I didn’t bring fresh fruit, fat free salad dressings, sugar free drinks. I just happily climbed on the bus without a thought to what I would eat over the weekend.

I ate crap.

I didn’t mean to. The catering was amazing, there were turkey dinners, taco buffets, soups, sandwiches, and more desserts than I could have imagined. The food was great, but not for me. Then there’s “bus food” after the show. I remember this, now, from the Avalon tour. The road manager orders a bunch of food to be on the bus waiting for us when we get on because we’re usually exhausted and starving. OH, the bus food; cheeseburgers, pizza, appetizers, pizza, cookies, pizza. Did I mention pizza? My irresistible trigger food.. pizza.

I would love to say that I wasn’t tempted. I would love to say that I sat there eating an apple while everyone indulged. I would love to say that I the food didn’t even appeal to me. I would love to say that I tried really hard to resist. But I would be lying.

I ate. And then I felt guilty.

Now, I didn’t eat everything, all the time. And I didn’t pig out. But I’m supposed to be on the protocol, that’s 2 portions of fruits, veggies and lean protein a day. That means no pizza, no burgers, no onion rings, which by the way made me sick. And why wouldn’t they? I haven’t eaten an onion ring in almost a year! It was like the cruise all over again, except this time I was on drops.

So, all this to say, I’m not perfect and this journey gets harder and harder the closer I get to my goal. I was talking to Cyndi yesterday and I told her that being on the bus isn’t like going to a restaurant one time and fighting the temptation and then being okay afterward. It’s like having a smorgasbord of food at your fingertips and trying to fight the temptation 4, 5, 6 times a day. And I love Cyndi’s response, “This is time where you have to fight it 10 times a day if that’s what it takes.” So, we spent some time going over an action plan for me for the next few weekends that I’m on the bus. We go back on tour the weekend of the 25th and are out again the next weekend at a Women of Faith event (Thank God Cyndi will be there!!) then out the next weekend on the bus.

Crazy schedule.

But I’m learning when I go in totally unprepared, that’s when I make the most mistakes; kind of like everything else in life, huh? Imagine if David didn’t have his slingshot and stones? This journey isn’t physical for me anymore, I’m not even sure it ever was. I feel great, I love my size right now. I’m very comfortable in my size 16. But I’m still over 200 pounds, and that’s not healthy; that’s not my goal. These last pounds are going to definitely be about putting my flesh away and re-learning how to say NO again.

I made a commitment to the Lord that I was going to lose 100 pounds and that I was going to finally let Him help me. I still want to reach that goal and it’s so close. So here I go again.

p.s. If any of you travel a lot and have any good tips on how to resist tempting food while out on the road, I’d love the help!




  1. Could you bring stuff to distract you from the tempting food? Like a cross stitch kit or some other easy craft to do while traveling. Or bring a book to read. And can they help you with your protocol at all while you are on the road? Make everyone eat healthy! It would help everyone else too.

    I got to talk with Cyndi because I am interested in doing this too, but alas I am still unemployed (stupid economy – been out of work for 10 1/2 months) and cannot afford to quite yet.

  2. FOOD. What a word. “food.” Man I love food so much! I love the taste of it, I love the feel, the texture, the…

    Ok that’s not helpful. but it’s true.

    Amy I empathize with you completely! I have struggled with my weight all of my life. I have literally lost hundreds of pounds over and over and over. If I am a professional at anything, it’s at “dieting.” I have done them all!

    I’m currently on a plan (again) and I have currently lost 50 pounds since Nov 1, 2010! Yay! I have 50 more to go to reach my goal (and that’s still considered “overweight” according to the BMI scale!).

    I KNOW you know this about dieting: it doesn’t matter what “the program” is – if YOU are not motivated to succeed, then you will fail! A positive mental attitude about success is not only the “key” but it’s the ONLY way to lose weight!

    I believe in God! And believe it or not, God believes in ME! 🙂

    So my best advice is this: prepare your heart with God about your eating, about your temptations, about your situation BEFORE you go! Always, always, always ask for help when you are tempted! That can be from a friend or from God or BOTH!

    Preparation in advance is very helpful – bring what you need for your program for the journey. ask those who prepare the “bus food” to pick stuff that YOU can eat! there’s no shame in asking them to help you with your dietary needs! They should comply!!!

    But even if you didn’t prepare, even if you didn’t ask the bus caterers to modify the food for your diet – then you still need to prepare yourself before Him, and ask for His help with temptation and also allow God to use your friends and situations to help you with your temptations!

    God bless you sister!

  3. There is a book called Intuitive Eating that is really good. I used to yo yo a lot and try to restrict myself. But after I read this book, it told me to let my body tell me what to eat and stop depriving myself.

    Basically, you rediscovery your body’s signals and limits and it teaches you how to eat in moderation. You also learn to recognize when to stop eating.

    I never worry about what I eat anymore because nothing is off limits. Its just a matter of how MUCH of it is eaten.

  4. Amy~ I am promoting the tour for your stop in Bismarck. I will make sure that you have everything you need to make healthy choices and feel fulfilled. Tell me what you is on your food guide and I make sure to have it for you. I am working with a spectacular caterer for your stop here and I know he can make something scrumtious for you. I will feed the boys pizza, tacos, and cheeseburgers:)

  5. Hey Amy,

    I love this blog entry! It had me in stitches, mostly because it was so close to home. I used to travel a lot for work and our company rule was that we should expect to gain 2 pounds per year of employment. (I know… not something to boast about, but I can empathize.) Fortunately for my health, I no longer have that job. There’s only so much Waffle House and Everett & Jones a man can handle.

    Last year my wife did the First Personal Diet, and as others have mentioned, preparation is the key. She had every day measured and packaged the night before, and pounds melted away like butter on a hot summer day. She was happier than I had ever seen her.

    My hat’s off to you and I cheer you on! Keep up the great work, making beautiful music for our Lord!

  6. I don’t travel much (though I’m highly inspired and blessed ALWAYS by your posts)…but here’s something that works for me when I travel. SLEEP!! Sleep always. LOL. for real! because..when the cookies,burgers and PIZZAS are being passed around, you’ll be asleep. then when you wake up you’ll be hungry for real food and you can do your fruit and vegs…yaaay!!:-)
    Oh and zone out. if you cant sleep-headphones in ears and stare out the window. zone out…mind over matter amy,mind over matter!! put Jesus on yer mind and he’ll take care of what matters(just made that up so dunno if it makes sense. lol)

  7. Amy, I’ve been loving following your blog and you are VERY inspirational. And beautiful… inside and out. I have recently found an amazing bible study called the Lord’s Table (available online in a 60 day format with an assigned mentor on the Settings Captives Free Ministry website). Or you can buy the book. What I LOVE about this bible study is that it is so focused on Scripture and not on food or eating. I focus too much on food as it is, what I need is a renewal of my mind, and to be free from my love relationship with food. The only thing that can satisfy me TRULY, is Christ Jesus. I hope Amy that you might look into this Bible Study, it may really encourage you and bring freedom to many of us! Only Christ can set us free.

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