Spring Break

April 27, 2011

In high school I never took Spring Break very seriously. I never got together with other kids in my class and took a special Spring Break trip. I went to Junior College, so I didn’t get to experience it then, either. And what’s funny is, I don’t even care. Some days I’d rather curl up on my couch with a good book and never see the sun. Anyways, I was just thinking about that because a bunch of my youth kids are on spring break. Random.

I’m on a sort of break myself right now. I’m resetting for a whole month. Yikes!

Getting to spend time with Cyndi at Women of Faith was so amazing, and we discussed my journey a lot and decided that I’ve never really had a long break. I’ve had small ones, and on them I’ve completely derailed, but I’ve never done a solid reset. My body is crying out for a break. I’ve been on this diet so long, sometimes I feel like it’s never going to end.

So I’m on my spring break.

I come back from tour right after Mother’s Day, so that’s when I’ll get back on track. And I am so ready!

For those of you who were interested in seeing the video from the seminar Cyndi did last week, it’s coming. Jake is working on it but he hasn’t had much time and he wants Cyndi to approve it and she’s been traveling. But as soon as it’s ready I’ll post it. I have to tell you, I was so inspired. I have 2 friends from church on the program right now and it’s so amazing to see what God is doing in their lives. Julie and Nelly, you truly have inspired me. After hearing your testimonies, I wanted to jump back on the drops right then. I love seeing the change in you physically and spiritually. God is doing great things in you and I know that this is only the beginning.

I may not blog very much over the next 2 weeks because I’ll be on tour, then I’ll be spending a couple of days in Nebraska with my brother and his awesome family, so I’m looking forward to taking it easy and being Auntie for a few days.

I do want to ask, though, if you have a prayer request or are struggling with some diet stuff and you want to post a comment letting us know how we can pray for you, I’d love it if you would. I may not be communicating with the blog for a couple weeks, but I can definitely pray for some folks!!




  1. I have a couple of requests. First, my dad is a diabetic and somehow cut his hand or thumb while working in the garden. If you are diabetic and cut yourself and don’t clean it out, it can lead to more serious stuff. A week ago Monday (April 18th) his thumb was completely black and purple and his hand was swollen and hurting. He actually laid awake all night with it like that. He had my mom drive him to the doctor and they immediately sent him by ambulance to the ER. He went in for surgery to clean up his infection that he had and they discovered that he had strep A – also known as flesh eating bacteria. On Tuesday April 19th he had to go in to have his hand removed. That was the only way it would save his life. He is now in a rehab facility in Mesa, AZ where he will be for 2 weeks while he recovers and learns to do things one handed for a while (thankfully it was his right hand that was removed and he is left handed). But it was stressful for us last week and gave us quite a scare.

    Second, I have been unemployed since May of 2010 and my unemployment benefits run completely out the week of May 8th. I really want to find something starting May 16th. I want to get back to work full time so I too can get my weight off. Diabetes runs in my family and I do not want to end up with it. I would love to do the Grace and Strength diet and have talked with Cyndi on the phone, but I have not yet been able to do it due to the financial costs and me not being financially stable.

    Also pray that I have a permanent place to live by July (I had to move out of the duplex I was renting in Texas for almost 5 years because my landlord decided not to pay the mortgage and it was foreclosed upon) and that I will be able to get the new rear brake shoes on my car that I really need badly. Kind of hard when you are unemployed.

  2. I would love your prayers. I am trying to conceive and since stopping my birth control, I have had horrible acne and gained 10 lbs that I had worked so hard on losing last fall. I am frustrated even though I know I need to wait on God’s will if we will even conceive. And with the acne and weight, I just feel ugly even I know in my head that my Jesus sees me as a beautiful princess (been reading devotions by the ladies at Girlfriends in God). Thanks.

  3. Amy, I read your blog every chance I get, and I coach Nelly Velazquez. I just wanted to tell you that you girls inspire me. Even though I’ve never met you I love you for your transparency and ability to be real, and I love Nelly for her adorably sweet nature. I pray for your success on your weight loss journey as God author’s the story of your life!
    Coach Jamie

  4. Hi Amy, I just wanted to let you know how blessed I was to be at your concert in Archobld last night. You guys truly bless me through your music and it was even better in person. I felt the presence of God from the first song till the last. Thanks for your faithfulness to the Lord and for being so transparent about your struggles. God Bless you and yours!! Till we meet again, (here or on the other side) ♥ KIM ROSALES

  5. Dearest Amy, Thank you for being so transparent and vulnerable to us. You are my inspiration. I need prayer for my weight loss. My scale is stuck. no matter what I do, it just doesn’t move. I know what I am suppose to be doing, but I just can’t get my head in the game. My motivation is lacking. My health is balancing on the peak of a mountain. One little bump and it’s downhill. I truly do not want my health to suffer any more than it is. I will continue to follow your blog and pray for you my sweet friend. Prsay for me as well, please! In His Grace and Love, Thank you.

  6. Hi Amy-What a journey you have been on! It’s so inspiring to check in on you and celebrate your success with you! Would you mind praying for me? I need to make the decision to start to make a change. I’m certain that weight loss will improve many other physical issues I’ve been dealing with for years. I just need to conquer the fear to get started. Thanks Amy:)

  7. I have been dieting for the last 9 months. Since starting I have lot 47 pounds. When I started I could barely jog a half lap on the track and now I can run two miles non stop. I have come to a complete stop in my weight loss though and I am very frustrated. Praying that I can get back on track. Hoping sela comes to Alaska some time. I would love to meet you.

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