Exciting News

June 20, 2011

Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I blogged.  I got a little side tracked…

If you don’t have Facebook or Twitter, this will be news to you.. I’m pregnant!! Yay!  My husband, Jake and I didn’t tell very many people but we’ve been trying since November to start our family.  It’s funny, I told Cyndi when we made the decision so she could guide me through what to do with the diet when I got pregnant; of course, I thought it would happen immediately, so in my head I was thinking that by January I would be off the protocol and preparing to have a baby.

Well January went by, then February, then March and I was getting so discouraged. Everyone tells you that it can take a while, but you don’t really believe them.  Then I came to a realization in April. I told Cyndi one day when we were chatting about why I was having such a hard time sticking to the protocol, that I wanted a baby more than I wanted the last 20 pounds.  And once I said it out loud it was like a light bulb went off in my head.  I had been focused on my goal. I had been dedicated to my goal. But in November my thinking shifted to a different goal and I didn’t realize it. So while I was eating protocol and struggling with all the food stuff on tour, my 100 pounds wasn’t my goal any more.  That’s when Cyndi took me off the diet for a while so I could take a break and regain my focus.  Then I got pregnant!

I will admit, these last 2 weeks have been a little carbalicious.  But I’m realizing if I want the healthy pregnancy that I spent the last year preparing my body for, then I need to say NO sometimes.

Cyndi said something to me the other day that really stuck with me. She said that the baby takes all the good nutrients that I’m eating so if I eat garbage, the baby will take the best of what it can from that, leaving what behind for me?  So I’ve really been thinking about that when I eat.  If I eat this pizza, what good nutrients am I giving the baby, if any, and is there going to be any left over for me?  Well, in San Francisco the other day we really had no choice for lunch, it was crazy, we were trying to catch a bus and running all around and I had some pizza, but I felt so bad about the “bad nutrients” so I ate a banana. I know they’re starchy, but fruit is better than some things!! I’m basically trying to eat the reset but sometimes the carbs get the better of me. What is it about bread that’s so alluring?

I’ve not had any weird cravings yet, but I’ve noticed that food just tastes so much better. Like lemon yogurt.. and cherries..mmm..  And luckily no morning sickness.  I’m nauseated a lot, but a few saltines and some water usually do the trick.

I promise to not forget about the blog. I’m still on this journey, I don’t want to gain 50 pounds and have to start all over!!

In case you haven’t seen, this is how we announced it…

***apparently I don’t know how to link.. anyways, you can go on my hubby’s facebook to see. Just look for Jake Perry***





  1. Congratulations Amy! Wonderful news. 🙂

  2. Amy, that is super awesome news!!! I have been following your journey and have been very encouraged by you, though I’ve been trying to lose weight a different path, and wasn’t on that path long before…. I found out i was pregnant 10 weeks ago. I have to say… no better motivation to eat well than pregnancy!!! In the beginning of my pregnancy, made me so mad at myself… why didn’t I feel motivated FOR ME all this time. But, anyway, I’ve been feeling great, no nausea, only sometimes a little heartburn. Just tired all the time. Pre-pregnancy weight was 275 and I haven’t gained any weight yet – 12 & 1/2 weeks now. Small meals, about 5-6 a day or three smaller meals with 2-3 snacks is what has been working for me.

    Congratulations!! When is your due date?

  3. What a blessing. You will soon learn first hand the true joy that motherhood brings. I’m sure your baby is already enjoying the sound of your beautiful voice. My prayers for a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy.

  4. YAY!!!!!! I am so happy for you!! I just adore babies! 🙂

  5. congratulations on the baby I am so excited for you!My name is katie Blake and I love all three of ya’ll you all have beautiful voices and beautiful hearts for Christ!You are all so encouraging to me through music and i have even told my sister about you cause she is trying really hard to lose weight and she has diabeates and she has lost like twenty something pounds!Again congrats and keep the beautiful encouraging music coming Tod is right by the way u do really hit notes that are illegal ha I just love that comment too funny!
    May God bless all of you richly in Christ,
    Katie Blake

  6. Love my Girl!! And am so excited for my spiritual grandbaby!

  7. Very happy for you Amy – as part of Selah you are such a gift to me – Selah has ministered to me almost since its inception and somehow God uses your songs to bring me along and since I struggle with clinical depression I know that I am one of the people God handpicked to be blessed by Selah! You will be a great Mom and I will pray for you during this time – being an adoptive Mom myself I can just tell you – babies are so very amazing – Congratulations!!

  8. What a wonderful, beautiful gift you’ve been given,Amy – to carry this child and experience those moments of complete awe at the miracle of conception and birth!! My amazing girls are now 16 and 22, and I still look at them in wonder and thank our Father for blessing my life with every moment they have been in it. Congratulations and God Bless you and your family!!!

  9. How exciting! Enjoy the journey of Motherhood 🙂

  10. Congratulations! I’ll be praying for you and baby. 🙂 Your weight loss journey has been such an encouragement. Between you and my best friend who has lost almost 45 so far, it has really been helpful to me to begin making healthier choices. Lysa T’s book Made to Crave has been helpful too.

  11. […] Call me a proud friend…Amy has lost almost 100 pounds. Does she not look UH-mazing?!?!?! And I for one can’t tell you HOW excited I am that she’s going to be putting a few of those back on in the coming months…. […]

  12. Congrats!! What an exciting time :).

  13. Congratulations!!! I was just wondering when your due date is and if you are planning on being able to sing at the September 16th concert in Red Oak, TX? Really hoping to see you guys at that concert! 🙂

  14. Amy, I too have struggled my entire life with my weight. And I too wanted a baby (or three) more than anything else in this life. Therefore, let me share something that may encourage you: A funny thing happened when I got pregnant: I lost weight. I am 22 weeks pregnant and I have continued to lose weight. It isn’t due to morning sickness. It is just my body’s way of dealing with pregnancy. So far I have lost about 12 pounds and certainly not because I have been trying. I did develop a gluten allergy about 13 weeks into the pregnancy, which has probably made a difference. But don’t think, just because you are pregnant you will gain a lot of weight back. Your body may surprise you. I know mine did! Congratulations!

  15. Oh Amy! I’m so happy for you guys!! 🙂

    My hubby and I got married in November and since it’s been a dream of ours our whole life to be parents, with the peace from God we began trying in December and found out June 10 we are expecting our first sweet miracle. God is so good! Those months of trying were sometimes discouraging, but I kept reminding myself that when it was God’s time, it would happen. I was completely shocked when we found out, but so very happy.

    I’m just ecstatic for y’all. Praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby! ❤

  16. Congrats!!!!!!

  17. rejoicing with you and your husband! congratulations, mama!!!!!!

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