The Nerdling

July 15, 2011

Hey all!  I’m just going to be real with you, so far pregnancy kind of sucks.  I’m exhausted, cranky, nauseated – all the time, and chubby.  But yesterday made it all worth it.

Jake and I had our first appointment.  I’m measuring at 10 weeks today with a due date of Valentines Day 2012!!  Jake took a video of the ultrasound, but my blog won’t let me post it and I’m not computer savvy enough to figure it out. But here’s a pic of the little one.

The video is much better.  He/She was wiggling all over; it was sooooo cute but impossible to get a clear picture.  The doctor showed us the yolk sack, the head, the hands and the little butt.  He/she was mooning us!

As for me, she said she’s not concerned about my diet because, obviously, I know how to eat healthy.  I told her I’ve been a little carb heavy lately and she said that’s normal.  She said I won’t need them as much after my first trimester. She also said that based on my BMI, she wanted me to gain between 11-20 lbs in my second and third trimesters – total.  So of course, I called Cyndi right away to talk about food.  We discussed food plans for 2nd and 3rd trimester and I’m feeling good about it.

I’ve had a lot of nausea, but I’ve only puked a few times.  Foods not on the menu anymore due to puking:  Tuna, peanut butter, Jamba juice smoothies.  These are 3 of my favorite things, but for some reason they jack me up!

Well that’s all today.  I leave for New Hampshire this afternoon.  Please pray for me.  Last weekend I was in Minnesota and my early morning flight home was a nightmare.  I already get airsick on early flights, so that combined with hormones was awful.  I was wandering around Salt Lake City airport trying to find a place to  puke…  So please, pray for healthy flying!




  1. Hang in there, girl! The nausea & exhaustion will most likely pass in the next trimester. Hormones will be messed up for a while, so don’t panic about being cranky…. just concentrate on that sweet babe growing inside. Happy to follow your updates on this exciting journey!

  2. Amy, It’s all so exciting to be on this journey with you. I want to “ditto” what Michelle said so you know it’s ok to be cranky right now (poor Jake … lol). Prayers your way every day, for you, Jake, the Nerdling, hormones, and definitely not puking on the plane!!! Love you guys to the moon and back. Your friend in Maryland, Susan Mills

  3. I am coming to the concert tomorrow night! I am so excited!!!
    Take care of yourself! Cute ultrasound pic!

  4. Hey Amy, I was so excited to hear that your gonna be a mommy. Just wandering if anyone else from Oasis knows. Of course I told my mom, so maybe she mentioned it to others there. I hope that the nausea goes away soon. Been there 3 times. Miss you and your voice. Hope to chat soon. Get as much rest as possible because after the nerdling is born you probably won’t get enough sleep for a few months. Hopefully he/she will be a good sleeper and all. Love ya. Kathy

  5. Hope your flight was a good one. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I’ve been told that it’s all worth it in the end, and I’m sure that is true. I do pray that the sickness thing will be less for you very soon. God bless.

  6. Congrats on your pregnancy Amy! I too was on the Grace and Strength diet (almost done with phase 3) when I discovered that I was pregnant too! Due 2/2, just a bit before you! Hope you continue to feel better and I totally hear ya on the carbs- seems like I can’t get enough these days.

  7. I hear yah on the sickies while PG ~ I witnessed your NH show though and you were AMAZING… God lifted you up and blessed those who saw you sing girlfriend! Praying for a heathy and amazing 9 months! Blessings!

  8. Hopefully your nausea will get better. I am also pregnant due Jan 10th. So the energy for me is a bit better but still a little nausea here and there at times. Thank goodness for Zofran. And that glucose stuff was not bad for me either. Wishing you well with the nerdling!!

  9. Hi Amy!

    I’m a big fan and love listening to you sing. 🙂 I’m also a singer.

    Congratulations on your little one inside! Babies are amazing. I have two kiddos, 5 & 3, and they’re incredible people. I just noticed your post about air sickness. That is something that I’ve dealt with for a long time. One thing that has helped me that is completely safe during pregnancy is to use the “ReliefBand.” It sort of looks like a watch and there are electrodes that sit on your nerves, which work with some electroconductivity gel…it impedes your nerves so that your brain cannot tell your stomach that you are sick. It really does help a lot and was originally designed for people going through chemo. who had nausea. I have used it for flying and pregnancy nausea, and my mom used it when she had cancer and was going through chemo. The price tag is something like $100, but it’s worth a try, I think! I found mine on mypilotstore.com but sometimes you can have it prescribed through your dr. and insurance might cover it.

    I hope that you have a wonderful pregnancy! May God bless you richly. And thanks so much for your ministry.

    Melody in MN

  10. Hey, Amy!
    They are right: just another week or so of the puking! Yay!

    Last year you guys did a concert on the 4th of July in Burnet, TX, 20 miles from my home. I was so excited when I found out. I was home on furlough from the mission field in Sudan at the time. Then came the other news: my 4 oldest granddaughters were singing their debut performance on the 4th of July…at the same time as your concert! Needless to say, I missed your performance, but got to see my granddaughters’ and they were great and I was so proud of them! I still am…and they are even better now.

    This year, you’re coming back to Texas in September and I will be there, God willing!

    Many blessings for the wonderful gift you carry!

  11. i did 24 hrs of flying in the pukey stage– i’m due 2/22/12. hope you survived your flight and are resting! i always keep a couple of those airplane airsick bags with me in my purse juuuuust in case. praying that you feel well soon!

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