I’m a little bit crazy

August 8, 2011

You think it’s never going to happen to you.   People share their pregnancy stories  and you think, “That won’t happen to me.”  And then it does.

Last Monday was a day like any other day.  I got up at 5:30 am, worked all day, and got home at 5 for chores.  We got home late because Jake had to run an errand that I wasn’t particularly interested in running, so it make me a little cranky.  Then we got home and had piles of laundry and no food in the house, except my excessively large stash of sugar free pudding.  So I started the laundry and asked Jake to keep an eye on it while I went grocery shopping.  So far, so good.

I got home from the grocery store and put all the groceries away and realized I was cramping a bit just as the timer went off for the dryer.  Now, keep in mind we live in an apartment and the laundry room is a good jaunt from our place AND our laundry basket is cumbersome and heavy.  So I said to Jake, “Can you please go get the laundry, I’m just too tired and crampy.”  To which he replied, “No.”  This is a typical Jake answer to the laundry request. He hates laundry. But even though he says, “No” every time, he goes out and gets it for me, every time.   So I replied, “Baby, I’m cramping I can’t get it, please…”  We went back and forth a couple of times before he finally said, “Fine, but if I burn dinner it’s on you.”  Then he left.  Still, so far so good.  It’s what happened when he left that got things a little crazy.

He let the door slam.  It broke my heart.  I burst into tears.

I sat their unable to stop myself from crying. Then I was embarrassed and didn’t want him to see me crying like an insane person, so I went and hid in our closet, thinking, “He won’t come in here.”  Of course, he came back in the apartment, saw me missing and came looking.  When he found me in the closet he tried to come to me and hold me. He reached out to hug me and all I wanted was for him to hold me while I cried, so I said, “Leave me alone!”  Then I realized I was yelling at  him, so I shouted (as he fled) “It’s not your fault!”  Then I cried harder because he left and didn’t hold me.  Even though that’s what I asked him to do.

The more I tried to stop crying the harder I cried. My brain was saying, “You are out of your mind,” but I couldn’t stop.  So, I decided to let it flow.  I went out to fold the laundry and sat on the couch hiccuping and sucking in sobs like a 5 year old.  Jake came in from the patio where he was grilling and said, “Baby, what’s wrong.” Then I started crying again.  I could barely explain to him how it hurt my feelings that he slammed the door, and then he didn’t hold me when I told him to go away and I knew that I sounded like a crazy person but I couldn’t stop crying.

He just laughed, got down on his knees in front of me, reached out to hug me, and said, “…And then one time I threw fake vomit over the balcony at the theater and make the sound, ‘huah, huah’ then everyone started vomitting…” in a perfect likeness to Chunk from Goonies and it was adorable.  Only my goofy husband would think to quote a dorky 80’s movie to make me laugh when I couldn’t stop crying.

Then I cry/laughed while he hugged me and told me he loved my crazy moments because they provide him with so much amusement.

So, I guess I too am susceptible to the emotional roller coaster of baby hormones.  I’m just glad I have such a great hubby to hold me and make me laugh when I need it most.






  1. 🙂 Precious. Ohhhhh those “baby hormones.” Hits ya at the most unexpected times. And, sometimes, you may see something that really isn’t sad or upsetting but, for some reason, it just hits ya wrong and the tears won’t stop. God bless you as you continue on the amazing journey of motherhood.

  2. At least you have the “pregnancy hormones” excuse. That’s my normal! 🙂 My husband is scared to see my emotions when we are pregnant!

  3. I totally have been there. Sadly, I’ve actually done this while not pregnant. I will say that pregnancy hormones are so nuts sometimes! Luckily the cute baby you get at the end of it all makes all of it worthwhile!

  4. Oh. Em. Gee.
    You’re such a great writer. Love the vulnerability & relatable story. I think every woman can relate!!

  5. oh my, the vomit goonies reference… bahahahaha! isn’t it such a blessing to have someone that understands you and makes you laugh? okay, even if they don’t really understand, they hug you and don’t run away and make you laugh and love you anyway. 🙂 or maybe that’s just me. hehe

  6. oh, love the goonies, and that was just perfect timing! the last time i was pregnant i was having a moment similar to yours and my husband said, “wow I forgot how you get when your pregnant”. It does happen to all of us.

    I found you through time-warp wife’s blog. I love your weight loss testimony!

  7. definitely happens to all of us! i had many of those moments in pregnancy (and truth be told, some afterward!).

  8. ok so it’s like 6:30 in the morning on spring break and I am laughing soooo hard I am crying yet trying not to wake my family becuase I swanee to goodness gracious if that is not my very favorite part of that movie and the top 5 of favorite movie lines of all time!! And the whole crazy when you are preggers… I live my life like that sometimes not just when I am preggers- what is that?! You are inspiring me day by day with your voice. You have a gift and have chosen to encourage the rest of us with it and from the depths of my soul I thank you!!!

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